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Gastric Balloon

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Obesity causes several social and health problems, such as heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Therefore, the Gastric Balloon is the ultimate method to lose the extra weight, hence avoiding such diseases that would affect the patient’s lifestyle and health.

How It Works

The Gastric Balloon is placed in the stomach through the mouth without the need for surgery. A small filling tube is attached to the balloon to fill it with a saline solution once in place. Afterwards, the tube is gently pulled, leaving the balloon inside the stomach.

The Gastric Balloon is inserted into the stomach, partially filling it, making you feel less hungry. It can be left in the stomach for a maximum of six months to a year, resulting in the loss of approximately 40% of the extra weight. It is important to note that the Gastric Balloon is an aid to weight loss and not the means, as it must be used in parallel with a thorough diet and exercise program.

The procedure takes 20 minutes, and the patient is discharged home within 2 hours of the insertion of the Gastric Balloon.

The removal of the Gastric Balloon is a simple procedure where the physician uses an endoscopic camera to puncture the Gastric Balloon, deflate it, grasp it with forceps, and then remove it.

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  • Once inside the stomach, the Gastric Balloon makes you feel satiety and thus lose weight faster
  • What differentiates it from other diet programs is that you learn how to sustain weight loss

Side Effects

During the early stages, it is likely that the patient will feel nausea or vomiting of various intensities. In case these side effects persist, the patient should contact his/her physician for medication to help minimize the irritability.


During the first week of the procedure, the patient should not plan any heavy physical activities. Nevertheless, once the body adjusts to the balloon, the patient should start a regular exercise program to boost his/her chances of losing more weight.

Also, a healthy diet and moderation are always recommended. In this case, there are no food restrictions, but fatty foods and sweets might make the patient feel unwell. Moreover, overeating can be dangerous.


  • The patient should rest for at least 3 days
  • The patient should stop eating once he/she feels satiety
  • The patient should exercise regularly

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