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Gastric Sleeve Prices

We put your health the first aim to achieve and make your life fresh We ensure the best prices that cover quality service and comfort for you and your escorts.

Jordan is a leader in the field of weight-loss surgeries in the Middle East and North Africa. The Gastric Sleeve operation has been the most prominent reason for medical tourism in Jordan, since it has built a huge reputation throughout the past five years.

All this has affected the prices of Gastric Sleeve surgeries in Jordan to reach 2800-3200 JOD; 15000-17000 SR. The fees include:

  • Gastric Sleeve surgery using the American triple laparoscope
  • All equipment is only used once and is handed to the patient after the operation. This includes: Trocars, Guns, and Insufflation Tube
  • Medical tests: comprehensive blood tests, thyroid examination, blood sugar levels, fasting blood sugar level, and Creatinine level (testing the kidneys’ efficiency)
  • Hospital discharge prescription

In order to ensure a comfortable stay for patients and their escorts, we offer them accommodation at nearby hotels, in addition to medical transportation at special prices.

Patient care does not stop with the patient’s hospital discharge; it extends to cover constant medical guidance for the patient to get all the answers they need to achieve the ideal weight.

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