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Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the male breast tissue. It affects the size of the breasts, which might cause embarrassment and psychological issues for men.

Gynecomastia is caused by hormonal imbalance (excess of estrogens compared to testosterone). It could affect one or both breasts evenly or unevenly.

There are several conditions that can cause Gynecomastia, whether it be a health issue, hormonal imbalance, genetics, obesity, or aging.

How It Works

There are two ways to perform a Gynecomastia:

First: In case the enlargement of the male breast tissue is caused only by the accumulation of fat, then a liposuction will be performed.

Second: In case the enlargement is caused by breast hypertrophy, a procedure is performed using one or two small incisions on each side of the male breast to remove breast tissue, followed by liposuction.

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  • Desired results will show right after the procedure
  • The scars fade with time
  • The patient is discharged within one day

Side Effects

  • Swelling and scars that fade gradually
  • Surgery marks that fade with time


Gynecomastia is common around the time of puberty, and the condition usually resolves itself. Therefore, it is recommended that the patient wait until the hormones stabilize.


  • The patient can get back to his daily routine within 3-4 days
  • It is recommended to wear a binder for 3 weeks after the Gynecomastia
  • The patient has to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not gain weight
  • The patient should not exercise during the first month after the procedure

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