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Mini Gastric Bypass

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Mini Gastric Bypass is a simple, easy one-step procedure that helps the patient lose weight by changing how the stomach and intestine handle food.

Mini Gastric Bypass is most suitable for patients with diabetes or metabolic syndrome, and those who regain weight after undergoing the Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Band surgery.

How It Works

Mini Gastric Bypass is performed using a laparoscope. The stomach is stapled and divided into a small upper section (called the pouch) where the food goes, and a larger bottom section.

Afterwards, the small intestine is connected to the pouch (eliminating 180-200 cm), so the food the patient eats travels from the pouch into the small intestine. As a result, the patient eats less and the body absorbs fewer calories.

The patient is discharged after two days of the surgery, and can go back to his/her daily routine within a week.

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  • Highly safe with short recovery period
  • Helps manage diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels by 80%
  • Less chance of complications
  • Shorter operating time compared to typical Gastric Bypass


Patients who undergo the Mini Gastric Bypass need to take mineral and vitamin supplements for the rest of their lives.


  • The patient should have three regular meals in addition to one meal rich in protein
  • The patient should ensure that he/she gets enough fluids throughout the day
  • The patient should chew his/her food well enough
  • The patient should eat soft foods for a month after the surgery
  • The patient should stop eating once he/she feels satiety
  • The patient should exercise regularly

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